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(College, High School, Middle School Mentorship) Athletes connect via ZOOM with other athletes in the community. As they discover new ways to M.O.V.E. to their greatness by sharing their MOODs, ways to OVERCOME, how to VISUALIZE goals, and to EMPOWER each-other through group discussion.


(Athletic Mental Performance) Injury recovery program of the mind and body. This program breaks down the mental aspects of injury and allows athletes to explore the mental challenges of being injured. A.M.P. gives athletes a safe space to discuss, grow, and learn about their new capabilities.


(4 Scheduled Motivational Speakers & 4 Leadership Professional Development) L.E.A.D. mentors provide training for all teachers and administrators. Accompanied with L.E.A.D.2M.O.V.E. instructional manual for each team (Off-Season Programming).


FrostBite Football’s podcast


Faith & Football


Maine Frost Bite Football (Politics & Football)


Don't Teach What He Can't Do ft Tony Wise


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